Journey -five months mark


On January 1st, 2015, I embarked in a journey of wellness, self love, meditation, exercise regimen and healthy eating. Wasn’t I eating healthy before? I have been plant based for years now, do not eat processed foods, boxed foods, just fresh goodness. However, with life on the rollercoaster, I have experienced weight gain, sluggish metabolism, chronic fatigue, slight depression, etc.

So, back to January 1st, where all New Year’s resolutions start and fail to last for too long. However, my resolution was not to loose weight (that was a bonus) but to train my brain to a lifestyle that will sustain health for the long haul.

I started my first week with a juice detox, then moved on to adding light salads, smoothies and protein shakes. I started to exercise at the gym but I hated it. So, on the sunny days, I walked outside. From 1 mile a day, I’ve got to 4 miles a day by Spring. By February, I was down 18 pounds. Feels great, right? So I pushed myself to walk faster and for a longer time. I cut my food portions in half and ended up using dessert plates for my main meal. Sounds funny? Trust me, it works. I kept on juicing and making mindful food choices. There is no secret that we eat more than we need, we eat when we are happy and when we are sad. We just love to eat. I am one of the people who love to cook and eat. After all, I am making a living outta cooking, right?

More on food. Do I feel like eating something less healthy, forbidden or not appropriate for a diet? Yes. Most of the time. How do I manage it? Trust me, I will not tell you I substitute cake for a stick of celery. It’s not working in the long haul. If I feel like snacking, I will drink a tall glass of water, wait 15 minutes and check with my stomach to see if it still wants a snack. Most of the time, it doesn’t. I drink about 1 gallon of water a day, and I mean, pure and simple water. If I want to eat pasta, I will eat it, just a very small portion. The craving is satisfied, the taste buds are happy and with everybody happy, I am happy too.

About exercise. I wasn’t raised to exercise and I have to admit I hate to exercise. Well, I started with what was easy to do. Walking. Everybody walks, right? To the car, to the store, from the couch to the bed, etc. I put my training shoes on and started to walk the streets of my neighborhood. Using MapmyWalk, I was able to measure the distance walked so each week, I went further and further. At the end of these 5 months, I walked about 145 miles and burned about 15,000 calories. I walked every day 4 miles and on weekends, anywhere between 6 to 8 miles.

Besides walking, I started to lift some weights at home, do push-ups (oh, boy, these are hard), plank holds, step ups, etc. From 10 minutes a day, I escalated to 30 minutes of weight exercise 3 times a week. On the other days, I do yoga and balance exercises. In any case, I walk every single day, seven days a week, and I exercise various muscle groups each day as well. It is not easy and it takes commitment.

I committed to myself that I will exercise every day and train my mind to love it. I actually, love it now. Do I have days where I just want to sit down and watch TV? Sure. I found a trick for this too but I will not spill all my beans at once. I have learned how to make my TV time efficient…..

I know that there are many out there giving their weight loss testimony. My personal journey has been a long one and it is on going as I grow into a better, beautiful, strong self. Weight loss is not a goal. It should be a bonus of a healthy lifestyle. Wanna give it a try? Let’s talk about it.

p.s. I will not post before and after photos as I do not feel that this is what empowers someone to loose weight. But I will sure walk you through a wild and fun journey of self discovery.


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