Ruby Chocolate Muffins

Ruby Chocolate Muffins

(adapted from HH recipe)Image

These delicious muffins are fat free, low sugar and gluten free. Great for a snack, party or breakfast.

Whatcha need:

1 ¾ gluten free flour(I used Bob’s Red Mill brand)

¼ cup carob powder (use cocoa powder instead)

1 tablespoon baking powder

½ cup brown sugar(use  more if you like it sweeter)

½ cup apple sauce

1 ¼ almond milk (you can use rice or soy milk as well)

1 cup fresh cranberries

¼ cup chocolate chips (optional)

Whatcha do:

Mix dry ingredients giving it a stir and add the wet ingredients. Gently mix until all ingredients are wet.

Divide them in non-stick muffin tins (fill ¾ ) and bake at 350F for 18 minutes.

Tip: The final result will be moist, soft muffins that are not very sweet. You can feel the tartness of the cranberries. If you want them sweeter, double the sugar.


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