Seven Super-foods of the Bible

“For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good land, a land of brooks of water,of fountains and springs, flowing forth in valleys and hills; a land of wheatand barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive oil and honey;

            Deuteronomy 8:7,8


The ancients might not have known the term “antioxidant”or “nutrients” but they got a list of foods that prove to be super-foods.

1.    Wheat – this grain is found in so much products,from bread to pasta to cakes. The less is refined, the healthier it is. Wholewheat products contain 30% of the daily fiber intake and high levels ofmagnesium and manganese. A diet rich in whole grains will increase your energylevels and lower your risk of diabetes types II. Check out this recipe for awonderful no-knead bread.


2.    Barley – a whole grain that is gluten free,widely used in cereals, breads and soups. I particularly enjoy barley soup thatyou can find on my website. ( in fiber, barley is good for intestinal health and can help lower cholesterollevels. Barley can also aid in preventing colon cancer and because of traceamounts of copper, it helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Sprouted barleyis naturally high in maltose, a sugar component of malt syrup sweetener.


3.    Grapes – rich in flavonoids, grapes are not onlytasty but a super-food. Rich in antioxidants, grapes provide protection againstcardiovascular disease and damage from free radicals. It is believed to reducethe risk of blood clots formation. Did I mention how tasty is grape juice? Se ethis wonderful plant-based Waldorf Salad


4.    Figs – sweet and juicy when fresh, figs are asdelicious when dried. High in potassium, figs can help control blood pressure.They are also high in dietary fiber that aids in weight loss. Because figs arealso a good source of calcium, they also help preserve bone density. Make thesedelicious snacks and enjoy.


5.    Pomegranate- a beautiful colored fruit rich inantioxidants; pomegranates lessen the symptoms of arthritis and help reduce therisk of breast cancer.

To open a pomegranate follow these steps.  Score the pomegranate all around itscircumference.Pull the pomegranate apart. Be patient and try from all sidesuntil it comes apart. This step is not entirely necessary; it only preservesthe middle seeds. You can still cut it if you are short on time but some of theseeds will be sliced in half. Loosen the pomegranate a little by pulling onthe edges.Turn the half upside down and whack it with  a kitchen spoonuntil all the seeds have emptied into a bowl. repeat with the other half.  Take out any white parts that fell into thebowl and enjoy! No water needed. For a delicious drink, see this recipe.


6.    Olive Oil – Olive oil is actually a fruit juice that isobtained by pressing the olives. It comes in extra virgin, virgin, pure andlight versions. The best is the virgin and extra virgin oil since no chemicalswere used in the process of extracting the oil form the fruit. In order toproduce 1 quart of extra virgin olive oil, 11 pounds of olives are needed. Oliveoil has no cholesterol and only 33% saturated fat compared to butter that hasdouble that for the same amount. It is also carbohydrate free. One tablespoonof olive oil has 120 calories and 14 grams of fat. Not only is one of thehealthiest oil for cooking, but it is also used as a cosmetic to preventstretch marks. In Ancient Greece, women used olive oil to combine with groundcharcoal to make eye shadow. Hmmm!!!! Try this salad recipe, simple and delicious.


7.  Honey – Honey is more that just a simplesugar. Rich in minerals and nutrients, honey has antibiotic properties that mayaid in the healing process. For thousands of years, honey has been used to givethe human body energy and health. Per one tablespoon, honey has 64 calories, nofat, no cholesterol. Raw honey is the best because it has all the pollen,enzymes and other micronutrients that are usually filtered out when honey isprocessed. When honey crystallizes, it’s not spoiled, just not stored properly.Keep honey in a warm place to avoid crystallizing. If that happens anyways, putthe honey jar in a bowl with hot water until it melts. In baking, use highertemperatures if you substitute sugar with honey. Replace 1 cup of sugar with ¾cup honey. Add a pinch of baking soda in the recipe to reduce the acidity ofhoney.  Enjoy this recipe as a snack or awonderful party dessert.



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