Healthy People Focus Area

We all have goals and objectives, either short-term or long term and we do our best to stick to the plan. When it comes to health, it should be imperative we make our best efforts to achieve these goals because without health, we cannot do anything else. What is worth a sick person?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the objectives for Nutrition and Overweight Focus Area are very clear and very “do-able”. I believe that the easiest to achieve at all levels, would be to reduce the proportion of adults who are obese. It would be the most important because adults set an example for children. If a person is obese and has bad eating habits, the children will follow in their footsteps not knowing any better. If the adult is educated in a healthy lifestyle , they can easily become role-models. It goes like that saying “Monkey see, monkey do”. Children will mimic adults in what they do, regardless if it’s good or bad. Another objective that comes in direct correlation with the adult obesity is increasing proportion of worksites that offer nutrition or weight management classes or counseling. I know that in Chicago, the Police Department offers weight-management classes for the many overweight police officers. At my husband’s workplace, they offer discounted membership to the Wellness Center where I come in and talk about nutrition and weight-management. Breaking habits is very hard and it takes a lot of motivation to empower someone to get out of a bad habit. Believe it or not, bad choices in food is one of the hardest habits to break because people strive on the flavor, smell and taste of greasy foods that trigger chemicals of “feel-good”.

One objective that triggered my interest was the last one. Increase food security among US households and in doing so reduce hunger. It is a very important objective yet I strongly believe that it is up to the head of each household to make right choices. No matter how much help it is offered, some people will choose to spend their money on alcohol or other bad habits instead of food.


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