End of the Week Journal

I had a busy yet fabulous week. Monday, got my eyebrows done so that is an accomplishment thinking of it. Tuesday, I had the afternoon off so I got my raw Vegan Chef attitude and whisked some goodies, put them together and got a decadent Peanut Butter Fudge (recipe coming up this weekend) and a wonderful,crunchy Oat Squares with goji berries. See recipe here http://shirleyy.com/2012/04/18/oat-squares-raw-vegan/.

Wednesday and Thursday were quit challenging since my clients were very much aware of their needs and wants in food but had almost empty pantries. Figured out gourmet meals despite their resistance to shop for food. Delighted! Both, them and me.

Friday, worked half day and came home to cook some more food for the weekend. My mom made her signature vegetable rice and cabbage soup. For some reason, I love cabbage soup but I forget to make it. My mom’s soup is awesome. Had 2 bowls of it….yup ! That good. to top it off, mom baked Sally’s (our neighbor) delish oatmeal cookies and a very nice looking cake rolled in chocolate syrup and coconut. i say “nice looking” because I didn’t taste it. Eggs.

Quinoa with Purple FingerlingsQuickly, I made a stir&fry for my son and then I dived into exploring 2 new recipes. First one is Peruvian inspired and it contains quinoa, of course, and purple fingerlings (or purple potatoes). The second recipe is Italian inspired and it is a very scrumptious tapenade with pine nuts and eggplant. Recipes for both coming up very soon.

Well, that’s my end of the week journal. I retire into reading, movies, relaxing and other pleasurable activities while enjoying a quiet evening.

Wonderful weekend to all !


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